May 2018

DNS stress

Stress and the art of walking away

Today has seen me going through a few hours of hell trying to solve a DNS resolution problem. On reflection, this was of my own making. This blog resides on a self hosted WordPress setup. What this means is, I’ve rented a server and installed WordPress myself and maintain it…

Why you need a backup plan

Data is everywhere We all use data, whether we realise it or not, we’re creating data all the time. That data may be something as simple as a shopping list. It might be a reading list you’ve compiled from some of your favourite authors. It could also be something far…

Upgrading Fedora Server

Upgrading Fedora Server to new release

If you’re currently running Fedora 27 Server, you may be aware that a new version was released on May 1st.  If you’re running Workstation, you should have already been alerted to this through the software updater, though if you haven’t for any reason, it should be fine to use the…

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