Hi, I’m Danny Horne, a self-confessed geek who prefers to manage my own online presence rather than letting the big companies manage it (and possibly screw it up) for me.

I host my own web, email and DNS servers, and my aim is to make them as secure as technically possible, whilst keeping publicly accessible parts, well……accessible.

For email that means securely controlling who can connect to my mail server to send email, and how they connect.  It also means keeping the spam at bay and ensuring that any email I send is accepted by the recipients mail server.

I run a handful of blogs on my web server, these obviously need to be available for public consumption, and there are various means (which I’m still learning about), that are designed to reassure the viewer that the site hasn’t been tampered with and that what they see is what I intend them to see.

Everything I do is hosted on three Fedora 28 servers, and I manage them from a PC and laptop, both running Fedora 28 Workstation.  Some may question my desire to use Fedora for servers, since it’s very ‘cutting edge’, with frequent updates.  OSs like CentOS on the other hand prefer to keep their updates to a minimum, preferring a much more ‘tried and tested’ approach.  I just like having the latest versions of software available, without having to compile them myself.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, and also forgotten a lot.  This blog is a manual for everything I’ve done so far and what I’d like to do.  It’s written to help me, but I hope you will find it useful as well.